Enjoy the 35 Minute Footage of Beyond: Two Souls

Over the last few days we have seen a plethora of information regarding Quantic Dream’s upcoming game Beyond: Two Souls.

The video game was on display at Tribeca Film Festival. There the developers showcased an astounding 35 minute long footage of the game. When you watch the footage, it is quite easy to see that Beyond: Two Souls belongs at Tribeca Film Festival.

Some fans may argue that Beyond: Two Souls is a movie and not a videogame. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Beyond: Two Souls has its own way of interacting with the players. It makes you feel the whole wide array of emotions found in it at a magnitude never before seen in this medium of art.

I’m not going into what happens in the video as it will ruin the game. For those of who want to watch it, be warned as it is filled to the brim with spoilers. From what little we have seen we can easily deduce that the game will be about life and death.

Jodie, main character of the game, is definitely suicidal. However, it is the small moments of happiness and life strewn throughout the game that makes the sad story beautiful and inspiring at the same time.Furthermore, the developers confirmed that this game borrows nothing from their previous game, Heavy Rain. The gameplay mechanics of Beyond: Two Souls are quite different.

Primarily because of the supernatural entity, Aiden, that stays with Jodie. Aiden is both Jodie’s gift and her curse. Players during the course of the game will control both Aiden and Jodie. Naturally, the game experience in both cases will be totally different from each other.

Ellen Page, actress who portrays Jodie, admitted that she wasn’t much of a gamer. Last game she played was Crash Bandicoot. She did note that her experience working on the game was nevertheless amazing.

Beyond: Two Souls is all set to release exclusively on the PS3 on 8th of October this year.