Dust 514 Launches on May 14

I hope you haven’t forgotten about Dust 514, CCP Games’ upcoming first-person MMO title which takes place in the same massive universe of their popular EVE Online game. The game has been confirmed by the publisher today for an official release on the PlayStation 3 on May 14.

Both games being in the same universe means that players in Dust 514 can actually have an effect on the gameplay of EVE Online and vice versa.

Players from both games can also form alliances to help each other out. In Dust 514 you battle it out on a particular planet as a mercenary, and if successful will be able to take over weapons that attack the starships in EVE Online. On the other hand players piloting their ships in EVE can go for orbital strikes against enemy squads on a planet.

“Reaching this point has required many years, hundreds of CCP employees, and the engagement of millions of players who contributed fantastic feedback during the beta process,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, the chief executive officer of CCP. “Now we start the real journey, which, decades from now, we will look back on with astonishment at all we accomplished. The Eve universe will outlive us all.”

EVE Online was released back in 2003 and currently has over half a million subscribers. Dust 514 looks to take advantage of those numbers and have players switch back and forth between both games, eventually increasing the size of the playing field in a manner of saying.

CCP also announced that the ‘Eve: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition’ will release in October.