DayZ Standalone Alpha Version Releasing in June for Public

The announcement hasn’t been made official yet but I think we can take Dean Hall’s word that the standalone alpha version for DayZ will release in June for the public.

The lead project creator revealed the information during a Q&A session at this year’s PAX East. In the video you can see him being mobbed by fans everywhere. It’s great to see him give time to each and every one of them, even to the ones who asked some extensive questions of the game’s animation system, network code and the like.

Interestingly Hall almost made it certain that more advanced features like vehicles will make their way to the Standalone version, which is set for a release in September.

Last month a new developer video released by Bohemia Interactive showcased improvements made to the Inventory System, Crafting, Zombie pathfinding, player’s health, Zombie and loot spawnings.

Currently the DayZ creator is taking some quality time off by climbing the world’s tallest mountain, none other than Mt. Everest. Prior to his climb, he promised everyone that his departure would not hamper the development of the standalone version and that the team at Bohemia Interactive are more than capable of getting the job done without him.