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Third The International DOTA 2 Championship Announced

The International is returning to Seattle this year for a five day slugfest between 16 world renowned DOTA 2 teams, starting on August the 7th.

This will be the third DOTA 2 championship, and while the prize pool has not been announced, last year’s first place walked away with one million dollars.

The first team that will be invited will be last year’s champions; Invictus Gaming. Two other teams will be determined via Valve’s East and West qualifiers which will be hosted by BeyondTheSummit and GD Studio respectively. The rest of the 12 teams will be announced later on.

The final spot will be awarded to the winners of a Wildcard event that takes place shortly before The International begins. The runners-up of the East and West qualifiers will be allowed to take part in the Wildcard event.

Fans can watch The International through the client if they wish to do so and you will not be required to purchase a pass. Valve will provide information for anyone who wants to attend the event live.

The International championships run from Aug. 7 to 11 at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. More details on the action real-time strategy game’s championship series are promised soon.