Lost Planet 3 to be Personal-Story Driven, Will Not Be Like LP2

How does the new Lost Planet 3 compare to the second installment in the series – is it the same, different, a hybrid clone? Andrew Szymanski, producer and project leader for Lost Planet 3 took both games in a comparison and talked how Lost Planet 3 will not be like the second iteration.

Speaking with GamesBeat, Szymanski said that Lost Planet 2 was a great title featuring an impressive online and campaign mode but “you didn’t have the grounding in the characters. You never knew who the character was. He was kind of a faceless guy.”

So when the prospect of a third installment in the series came up, Szymanski says that they decided to do something different than just make more of the same LP2 game.

Lost Planet 3 is to be a more personal-story driven game, which will allow players to connect themselves with Jim Peyton and his adventures on E.D.N.3.

Regarding replay-value Syzmanski confirmed additional side-missions and quests. “You’re constantly expanding the world,” he said. “Then, as soon as you’ve entered an area for the first time, you can go back there at any time. You’re literally and thematically exploring the planet. You’re introducing new areas as you go along.”

“There are plenty of side missions that you can do that will send you back to areas that you’ve already been. There are collectibles, unlockables. There are also areas that you can’t get to until you have certain upgrades both for Jim and for the rig,” he added.

We’ll know for sure how the game compares to its predecessors when it releases on August 27, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.