Dragon’s Crown Elf Class Preview Trailer Shows Utility of an Archer

Atlas and Vanillaware have just released the gameplay trailer for the Elf class in the upcoming side scrolling action-adventure game Dragond Crown.

The game is a four-person co-op side-scroller similar to the metal slug days of old, except with spells and health bars. Plays will battle together after choosing their characters from one of the game’s six classes through a multitude of dungeons and boss monsters in search for the lost treasure of the Dragon’s Crown.

Dragon’s Crown features a unique, exaggerated art style and includes hyper-stylized combat. The developers have already released the trailers for most of the other classes already now we’re finally looking at what the Elf can do.

The Elf is a ranged, archer character and is such is obviously at her best when there is a meaty Fighter or Dwarf standing between her and an enemy. She seems to have several area of effect abilities as well as some disengages for when the bad guys manage to close the distance. We also see her using some spells and shooting fireballs somehow.

Dragon’s Crown will be releasing this summer for Playstation Vita and PS3.