Total War: Rome 2 – Day One Free DLC Unlocks Pontus Faction

Nothing surprising about Sega announcing a day-one DLC for Total War: Rome, except that the DLC will be free of charge.

The free DLC will unlock a new playable faction in the game called Pontus, a kingdom on the southern cost of the Black Sea. In the start of the game Pontus is shown as an independent nation. However, since Sega is so bent on providing an accurate history representation in Total War: Rome 2, I’m going to say that Pontus will be conquered by the Roman Empire at the end of the game.

On the battlefield, Pontus brings chariots with scythes on each side as their main cavalry force, while the foot infantry is bronze-shield pikemen. The new faction also hosts a navy of warships.

So why release a day-one free DLC? We’re assuming the development of Pontus faction to have taken a bit more time. Hence, the faction failed to be included on the disc.

Sega has confirmed that a release date for Rome 2 will be announced soon.

Total War: Rome 2 will include eight playable factions on release.