You Can Now Access Miiverse Through Your Favorite Browsers

After a year’s worth of wait, Nintendo has finally made its Miiverse accessible via Web Browsers. This means that users of Miiverse will now be able to access the network via PC, smartphone or any device that supports internet browsing facility.

Miiverse is an expansion of the Mii concept introduced by Wii and is social network on Nitendo Network which allows players to interact with each other and share their thoughts and comments on experiences through their personal avatars, aka; Miis.

Announced at Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct event in June 2012 by then Nintendo President, now CEO; Mr. Saturo Iwata, Miiverse was introduced as a “Mii Universe” with which Nintendo player would be able to share messages as well as screenshots. The network was also promised to be accessible from Wii U, 3DS, mobile devices and online however since its inception Miiverse has only been live on one platform and that is the WiiU.

With its move into regular internet and access through any and every browser, Nintendo is hoping to utilize the social aspect of Miiverse to spread the message of Nintendo good-will and market its WiiU console, which has been struggling in the present market.

As stated in the recent Nintendo Financial Results briefing, by making Miiverse a non-proprietary platform, Nintendo hopes that “it will play an important role in having those who do not have Wii U understand the appeal of the platform through Miiverse. We would like to enrich the service incrementally” and “the more people take advantage of Miiverse, the more deeply and correctly they will understand the charm of the other platform, Wii U.”

Nintendo is also planing to bring Miiverse to its more successful 3DS platform, with which they aim “to allow its users to view and post content on Miiverse on the system within this year” and  “facilitate user communication about Nintendo 3DS games and help users enjoy them more deeply.

This move seems to be a conscious effort to consolidate the Nintendo brand value under one roof which can be used to drive all of the platforms under Nintendo’s portfolio through its focus on inter-connectivity.

The amount of value this service will be able to offer to its customers will be seen in the near future when people start using the Miiverse service on different platforms.

You can become one of these users and check Miiverse on your web browser by clicking here.