Metro: Last Light PS4 Port, DLC and Standalone Multiplayer

By   /   Apr 26, 2013

The good people at the Ukrainian tech site itcchannel have conducted an interview with 4A Studios’ Andrew Prokhorov, the creative director of Metro: Last Light. Prokhorov revealed many useful nuggets of information, and one of the forum members was even nice enough to translate and highlight the important points:

4A games want to release an SDK and they plan to eventually, most likely paired with multiplayer.

Metro: Last Light multiplayer will be released as a separate project, something along the lines of an Xbox Arcade game. ETA: At least half a year after Metro: LL release.

Confirmed five DLC, story missions from the point of view of other characters. These are not cut content, work on these began after the game was finished.

Season pass is a possibility.

PS4 version. Will probably come with Metro 2033.

The SDK release combined with the fact that the multiplayer might be standalone seems like a pretty good idea to me, when can we expect the nude mods and giant anime swords to come out?

Jokes aside, a season pass for five confirmed DLCs seems like a pretty good deal to me. Still, take all this news with a grain of salt, anything can change.

Source: Neogaf

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