Battlefield 4: Drone Strike DLC and Commander Mode Leak

A new poster has just been leaked that revealed some new information about the upcoming Battlefield 4. The release date on the poster says October 31st, and that’s a little different from the announced date but since the poster comes from Australia it’s not that surprising that it’s releasing a little late there.

Battlefield 4

The main bits of information to take away from the leak though, are the features on it. The poster mentions an expansion/DLC called Drone Strike:

Go Premium: Stand out on the battlefield with exclusive uniforms, weapons, and more. Get exclusive expansions, starting with Drone Strike (TBA).

The poster also mentions Battlelog 2.0, which is supposed to be a revamped and upgraded version of the current Battlefield Portal. It’ll supposedly allow you to track each and every one of your stats, helping you to become the best possible battlefield player you can be.

Battlelog 2.0: The next version of the state of the art gaming portal. Track every shot, every opponent, every detail of your online Battlefield career.

There’s also a new ‘Commander’ rank that can be achieved in which you apparently lead a team to victory.

Armchair general: Rank up into the seat of the brand new Commander mode and lead your team to victory.

Battlefield 4 may release October 29, 2013 for the PC and current/next-gen PlayStation & Xbox.