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Halo 4 Weapon Balancing Addressed by 343

If you haven’t had the time to check out this week’s Halo Bulletin at Halo Waypoint, then I suggest you so. 343 Industries has just announced some possible weapon tweaks to the Battle Rifle, DMR, Light Rifle and the Assault Rifle and is looking for community feedback.

While I am not an expert on competitive Halo multiplayer, the changes seem to look good to me. There is an issue with the BR that it gets very difficult to perform a perfect 4-shot kill on a target when you’re playing online (because of the slight latency). Therefore they’ve decided to make it possible to kill a target with 11 out of the 12 bullets involved in the 4-shot. This, they feel, will provide a bit of margin for error when playing online.

The problem they saw for the Assault rifle was similar – no margin for error. It takes exactly 16 bullets from the AR to kill an enemy, which means you can kill exactly two people before running out of ammo if you don’t waste a single shot. They’re thinking of reducing the kill amount by a bullet or two in order to make this feat more achievable.

There are also some changes to the DMR and the Light Rifle to make these weapons require  more skill to use. The range at which the reticule for the DMR turns red is shorter now, and they’re thinking about increasing the rate of fire of the Light Rifle when zoomed in.

Furthermore, new join-in-progress settings went live this past Monday in order to keep things as fair as possible during matchmaking. Check this out:

  • Once a match has passed just over half of the total game time, Join-in-Progress is disabled across all game modes and playlists.
  • Rumble Pit now has the smallest Join-in-Progress window, only allowing players to join during the first few kills of a match.
  • In Slayer matches outside of Team Throwdown and Team Doubles, players will no longer join after one team has reached just over half of the score limit.
  • In King of the Hill and Oddball, players will no longer join in the second half of the game in regards to score limit.
  • In Grifball, players will no longer join single-round matches if over 3 goals have been scored by one team. We will be updating Grifball Pro to similar settings in the next update.
  • In Team Throwdown and Team Doubles, players will no longer join after a small join window during and before the first moments of a match.

What do you think of the changes?