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EA Partners Publishing Shutting Down

Depending on how much you hate EA, you might argue with me on this, but today is a sad day for a gamer. The reason being that the EA Partners label has been shut down.

EA Partners was a label of the company that published games for independent developers on a contractual basis. It’s responsible for bringing you games like Brutal Legend and Kingdoms of Amalur. They also partnered with other publishers to distribute The Orange Box, Portal 2, Crysis 1-3 and Rock Band.

Game Informer has received word from various sources that the label will be shut down. This news seems to follow the widespread layoffs that have been going on at the company this past month, as well as the exit of CEO John Riccitiello. EA also recently abandoned the Playfish line of games, the studio of which they acquired for over 300 million dollars.

Add that to the fact that many of the games resulting from the Partners label have turned less-than-stellar revenues and this move isn’t all that surprising. Kingdoms of Amalur was a pretty big loss, Brutal Legend, Bulletstorm and Syndicate also went into the red and didn’t make much of a splash. Even Crysis 3 has underperformed.

However, there is some relief to be had. The two games that are already due out under the Partners program; Fuse and the unnamed Respawn Entertainment game will not be affected. They will come out as if nothing had happened.