Anno Online Closed Beta Launched, New Trailer and Screenshots

If you’re a fan of Anno 1404, then I’ve got some great news for you. It seems that Ubisoft has released some new screenshots of the upcoming browser-based MMO, Anno Online. They’ve also announced that the game is now in closed beta testing and that have released a new trailer to accompany it.

Anno is a medieval times city building/shipping simulator where you start off on an island with nothing but a harbor and a warehouse to your name. From there, players need to utilize their trade and resource management skills to create an entire empire.

Ubisoft is planning to add a Guild system to the game. Players will be able to form their own guilds and construct guild halls, where they can gather. A guild can hold up to 25 people. The Guild system should be coming around sometime mid-may.

For now though, check out these awesome pictures and the trailer above. If you want to try your hand at joining the closed beta test, click here.