XCOM FPS Teaser – Is It Really Happening?

When it comes to being a gaming myth or a ‘vaporware’ as we like to call it, XCOM FPS game is like Half Life 3 or Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Last we heard of the game was when a rumor started that 2K had change the name of the game to ‘The Bureau.’

Well, it seems like the rumors were true after all. A short clip has been uploaded on YouTube by a user named ‘Veritas MCMLXII’ (truth 1962). In it we get to see a boy riding his bike down the middle of the road before looking up to see something which clearly disturbs him. The clip is short, like 18 seconds short.

However, to the sharp eye 18 seconds are more than enough. Before the video ends, there is a single frame with a reveal date and name of the publisher; 2K. The reveal date is of April 26th which is this coming Friday.

Besides that, the short teaser is titled as ‘What happened in 62.’ If you all recall correctly this was the year the original XCOM FPS game was set in.

XCOM FPS was announced way back at E3 2010. Due to lack of great response from the gaming community, the project was side-lined for a considerable time. Now, it finally has 2K’s attention.

So, for all those people who are eagerly awaiting any news regarding the XCOM FPS or ‘The Bureau,’ circle 26th April on your calendars.