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Konami Releases Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate Strategy Portal

It’s time to whip yourself into shape (pun intended) using this new Mirror of Fate strategy portal that Konami has just released. The portal is designed to be accessible through both your computer and the 3DS internet browser.

The Mirror of Fate strategy portal includes a set of amazing features such as a Map Guide, a Bestiary, Upgrades, Skills and Combos.

The map guide shows players each area of the game. Useful map notes with progression, puzzle, and battle advice are also available, providing players with an edge in every tricky situation. The Bestiary gives us exactly what bestiaries do; provide us with detailed and relevant monster information such as their attacks, weaknesses etc.

The upgrades section describes the sub-weapons and magic for each character and explains how to use them efficiently. Finally, the Skills & Combos section teaches us each and every move, shows us the exact information about it such as damage, range, damage per hit, when it unlocks along with pictures of the combo in question.

It’s a really amazing resource, and good on Konami partnering up with Future Press to bring this to us. Lastly, there is a small button on the bottom right of the browser window when you access the portal that says ‘Mirror of Fate’ playlist. That’s right; all the info on the portal is also available in the form of videos to be uploaded soon onto Youtube.

Source: Strategy Portal