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Killer Is Dead Coming to Japan in August

It seems like ‘Killer is Dead,‘ an upcoming action-adventure game, will be getting a worldwide release this summer.

Developed by Grasshopper studios, the game will be published in Japan by Kadokawa Games, in North America by Xseed Games and in Europe by Deep Silver.

Kadokawa Games has confirmed via Famitsu magazine that Killer is Dead will hit Japan sometime during August of this year. Deep Silver has also confirmed that they will be aiming to release the game in Europe this summer. Xseed Games so far has not commented on the release window for the game in North America.

Killer is Dead will follow master executioner Mondo Zappa around the world as he slices and dices dangerous criminals and assassins. The game is set to feature over the top action game play found in titles like ‘Killer7’ and ‘No More Heroes Left.’

According to the game’s announcement trailer, the game will be about ‘Love and Execution.’ Which is a weird combo but hey this is a Japanese game we are talking about. You can view the announcement trailer here.

The game is developed on the Unreal Engine. It will arrive, whenever it arrives, on the PS3 and Xbox 360.