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Script of Beyond: Two Souls is Enormous!

Sony has just confirmed that Beyond: Two Souls will boast a script that is 2000 pages long. In fact, Sony sent multiple mock script copies to various gaming media outlets to emphasize on the size of the script. You can see it in the picture above.  The pages inside were all blank after all they do not want to give away the story of the game before it is even released.

Considering, Beyond: Two Souls is a game heavily dependent on the narrative, it shouldn’t be surprising that the script is this long. Moreover, the great number of choices present in the game will undoubtedly make the game progress differently. So, in order to accommodate all scenarios, it is no accident that the script turned out to be this big. I am sure that any of us won’t be going through all the storylines present in the game in just one play through.

CNET’s Dan Ackerman posted the photo on Facebook while writing this:

Yesterday was Earth Day, today Sony sends over 2000 blank pages to show off how big the script for Beyond: Two Souls is. And, all the pages have been hole-punched, so you can’t just re-use them in a printer. That said, David Cage is still The Man.

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Beyond: Two Souls is a PS3 exclusive. It is set to be released on the  8th of October this year.