Batman Arkham Origins Might Feature Multiplayer

With all the hype surrounding the recently announced Batman Arkham Origins, Kotaku has decided to add more fuel to the fire of speculation by introducing a new rumor regarding addition of multiplayer to the upcoming Arkham prequel.

Citing an unnamed source that brought them information regarding game’s name, season and location prior to the game’s official announcement via Game Informer, Kotaku is releasing additional information shared by the same informer.

According to the tipster, the game will feature at least one multiplayer mode that will allow the players to play as a member of the Joker or Bane’s gang and try to take down Batman and Robin. “The villains involved—who may be playable and customizable—include Killer Croc, Deadshot, Firefly, Black Mask, Deathstroke, and “some kind of Electroman character”

Kotaku had the following to say regarding their attempts at verifying this piece of information:

“so we reached out to a number of industry sources for confirmation. Although we were unable to corroborate the specifics, we did confirm with a second source that the game will indeed have multiplayer. (Warner Bros. declined to comment for this story.)”

While Kotaku seems confident in the validity of their source/s, the story is yet  to be corroborated by an official source. So for the time being, this news should be labeled as a rumor and the information be taken with a grain of salt.

Batman Arkham City Origins is slated for a Fall release on October 25 for PC, PS3, WiiU and Xbox360.