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Angry Fez Fans Should Just Pirate the Game – Phil Fish

Fez’s creator Phil Fish may be having a bad week or perhaps this is just a shrewd tactic to garner attention.

Some developers would enjoy the success of their games by going out, watching a movie or what not, Fish on the other hand is egging the community on to ‘not’ buy his game and pirate it from the web if they so wish.

Fez, a puzzle-platformer has just arrived on Steam a full year after selling more than 200,000 units on Xbox Live Arcade. However, when asked by disappointed fans as to why Fez is being discounted by only one dollar (from $10 to $9), the indie game developer replied:

if 9$ really is too much for you then please, do me a favor, just steal it and shut the fuck up about it.

As you can guess, the Internet wasn’t too pleased and once the tweet reached critical-mass on Reddit, things went really out of control. However, Fish was up to the challenge, announcing then that he may change the game’s price from $9 to $90 on Steam. In other comments, he urged the angry fans to pirate his game.

In one thread on the Steam forums, Fish posted about Fez:

…it’s #1 on steam right now and it’s not even out yet. you should boycott harder, nerds…

Did Fish just find a secret tactic of increasing game sales by simply insulting the consumers?

Phil Fish’s real name is Phillipe Poisson, and he is a French-Canadian game developer at Polytron.