Guild Wars 2: Retribution, Final Installment of Flame & Frost Series Detailed

Developer ArenaNet and publisher NCsoft have revealed the fourth and final installment of Guild War 2’s Flame and Frost event, called Retribution.

The “living story” event introduces a new branched story-line which has been unfolding since it commenced earlier this year in January. Players will finally be able to conclude the series of events when the final installment launches on April 30th.

Flame and Frost: Retribution will feature a new dungeon, new world vs world abilities, new guild missions and a chance to take part in invite-only beta versions of custom arenas and spectator mode. A lot of narrative threads will also be tied up but not all, leaving behind the assumption that the developers have something more in mind.

Custom Arenas will allow players to alter map settings when hosting a private or public match. These settings include team size and score limit.

The Spectator mode will enable players to view the skill bars of other players, along with their traits and gear. You can jump into the observer mode at any time, even during a match, and check out the other players.

As mentioned above, both of these features will remain in beta for sometime and will be released once the developers deem it fit.

In Retribution players will have to attack a newly created foundry of the Molten Alliance located under the Shiverpeaks. The secret forge is creating dangerous weapons and poses a great threat to Tyria.

For more information you can head over to the event’s official site.