SimCity Fix 2.0 Being Released Today

In a few hours (or perhaps already, depending on when you read this) EA will be releasing the first big SimCity patch for their online multiplayer city building simulator. I’ll give you the bitter news first, there’s still no offline play.

You can check out the full patch notes on the forums, but the main fixes that we’ll see involve fire and water. Previously, if there was a fire in the city, all the fire departments will send  all their fire trucks to that location, clogging up all the resources on that one emergency. Now trucks will not get clumped up and will respond more efficiently.

The second fix is that the city would run out of water even though there is a river running right next to it full of the stuff. However, water pumps are now capable of pumping water from rivers at a larger radius so they can take better advantage of the water table in a city.

SimCity’s March launch was really bungled up with the incredibly unexpected influx of players that overloaded the servers. The game seems fine now, but there are still several issues that players have been quick to point out. They still haven’t increased the possible size of the city, and there is still no offline mode.