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Sanctum 2: Five Freshly Baked Screenshots

Five new screenshots have been released of Sanctum 2 by developer, Coffee Stain Studios. For those of you who don’t know , Sanctum 2 is set to be the successor of Sanctum which was released back in April 2011 on Steam. In the screenshots we get to see new environments to be featured in the game. They look mighty similar to all the stuff we have already seen in Sanctum.

Furthermore, the developers have confirmed a new class for Sanctum . It will be the designated marksman SiMo, with a sniper rifle being his weapon of choice. Sanctum 2 like its predecessor will be a hybrid of first-person shooter and tower defense elements. In it players will have to make defense towers and then assist these tower in fending off alien invaders.

To keep yourself up-to-date, you can visit Coffee Stain Studios’ development blog which provides details on new weapons, music, enemies, and more. A release date for Sanctum 2 has yet to be announced but we know the game is confirmed for all three platforms: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.