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Old School Runescape Returns

After six years, the team behind RuneScape bring back the classic ’07 version of the game after much clamouring from their enthusiastic playerbase. Following their February poll, the community voted for the return of classic RuneScape and nearly half-a-million votes which didn’t quite meet their 500,000 target but the 460,000 of you that did vote definitely got the development team thinking.

The sheer number of people voting got more and more internal resources directed towards the development of the classic version of RuneScape, and now there is a dedicated development team working on maintaining separate servers for this older build of the popular online game.

If you’re a new player, or a veteran of the older version of the game, there’s something here for you to try out. The testing period is set at six months and is running now so that they can get the bugs ironed out for a complete re-launch of this older service alongside the new version of RuneScape that has been running these past six years.