APB Reloaded 1.11 Launched – Vehicles, Custom Outfits, Score System and More

APB Reloaded 1.11 is out now, and features a bunch of new stuff to talk about. Most notably, now you can make a female character that doesn’t look like a skank. There will also be new content in the form of desert scarves for female avatars and Bishada Rapiers for Enforcers, as well as new tuner parts for the car.

Rapiers will be getting the new the Kissaki Sport kit and the Mako Racing kit. As always, you can mix ‘n’ match to make sure your vehicle is your own personal signature.

Version 1.11 also features a new score system. Players will now be rewarded on missions based on what they do and not necessarily their kill/death ratio. So someone with zero kills and a lot of assists, targets and pickups might come out on top as the MVP instead of the guy who just sat, camped and killed 20 opponents.

Back to making a female character that doesn’t look like a street-corner hooker. Female clothing options are getting a buff, with some pretty classy duds for the ladies (as long as we have classy players who’ll wear them).

Lastly, we have the Flare Gun. It’s basically a tactical spotter tool, enabling teammates to see exactly where the opposition is if the flare lands near them. The new contact Darrel ‘Speedball’ Kayne will enable users to buy custom clothing and gear made by other players. This is only the top, most awesomest gear available and your creations can appear in his shop by participating in community contests.