Star Trek: The Video Game – Dev Discusses New Storyline in Trailer

In a new trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game, executive producer Brian Miller talks about the game’s new storyline set between the latest 2009 reboot and the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness.

In the start, the Enterprise receive a distress call from Vulcans stranded on a space station. The Vulcans reveal that they are attempting to build a new home world for themselves called ‘New Vulcan’. For this purpose they have been using a mysterious Helios Device. However, the same device has somehow created a rift in space, bringing in an alien reptilian race known as the Gorn.

The Enterprise heads off to the space station to make contact but then come under attack by the Gorn. One of the Vulcans, Tamara is kidnapped and the Helios device stolen.

The aliens intend to use the device as a weapon and the crew of the Enterprise is all that remains who can put a stop to them.

Star Trek: The Video Game releases on April 26 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.