Potential Modern Warfare 4 Tease from Activision Employee

Well, it’s 2013 and we haven’t had a Call of Duty game yet this year but Activision are probably going to remedy that. Dan Amrich, a social media manager from Activision, took to YouTube last night so that he could answer some questions put forward by the community. You can check out the video above, but we’ve grabbed a couple of choice quotes.

First up, Dan confirms that there’s still more Black Ops 2 DLC to come our way and that Activision have a focus on that right now. But, May is round the corner.

“So you can understand why Activision hasn’t really talked about next year yet, but they’re going to have to soon, because E3 is coming up.”

May is important because it’s not long before E3, and if you want to psych up crowds before E3 then you need to leak, tease or just off-handedly mention the possibility of something so that people will tune into E3 to see if you reveal any more. Call of Duty has now become a staple series on consoles and PC and it’s one of the bigger money-makers, so Activision need to pull out all the stops to make sure they have a good presence and viewers prepared for whatever they intend to drop on us at E3.

“if you’re looking for information on the future, it’s coming soon. It’s just not here yet. And it should be here no later than E3. Just be a little patient and I think you’ll hear some more information very soon.”

Could this be a cryptic hint towards the future of the series?

“We don’t know what the future of Call of Duty is going to be other than that there will be a future,”

“We also have the interesting problem of new hardware coming out. We’ve got a PS4, we’ve got whatever Xbox is working on – is that going to be this year? I don’t know.”

I doubt that the Call of Duty IP is in jeopardy or that it will be in any kind of danger any time soon. It’s a proven money-maker, so we will probably see another entry in the series coming this year. In past years they’ve seen fit to announce new CoD titles on or around May so that they can prepare their audience for E3 and I suspect that this year is going to be much the same. We’ll be keeping a careful eye on Activision and I’m sure you will too.