God Mode Released On XBLA And Steam, Coming To PSN Soon

Third-person arcade shooter ‘God Mode’ is releasing today on XBLA and Steam. The game will come to the North American PSN store on Tuesday. So far, no European release has been announced for the game.

The game is available for a price of $6.99 on Steam. On XBLA and PSN, the game will be available at the prices of 800 MSP and $9.99.

The game is the first project from the up and coming new studio Old School Games. True to their name, the studio has made a game which is a throwback to the arcade style of 80s mixed with the customizable options of the present era.

When talking about the game on PlayStation blog, Produce Nick Madonna explained why the developers made making the game play fun more important than providing a deep, strong  narrative for the game.

We wanted to create a lighthearted throwback experience, which focuses on arcade-style action over story.

This approach gave us the ability to really go crazy and build a unique world full of plenty of characters to shoot, blow up, impale and maim. After making this decision early on in the design process, the designers really let their ideas flow. When you tell a game designer to “go nuts without thinking about story,” something unique and original begins to take shape.

We will see how this gamble pays off for Old-School Games soon enough.