Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Screenshots Give First Look at Laser-Breathing Dragons

A new batch of screenshots released for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gives us our first look at a real-life laser-breathing Dragon.

As previously said, Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion for Far Cry 3 that takes it inspiration from the 80s. In a world ravaged by nuclear warfare, players will take on the role of Sergeant Rex (played by Michael Biehn), who must defeat a cyborg army known as Omega Force and defile their secret bio-weapon on a tropical island.

The world of Blood Dragon is far different than what you’ve become accustomed to in Far Cry 3. Instead of tigers and other predators in the jungle, you’ll encounter mutants and dragons, laser breathing dragons.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will feature a total of 7 missions giving an estimate gameplay time of 6-8 hours.

The expansion will cost $15 and will be released on May 1st on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Pre-purchasing the game on Steam will net you the soundtrack free of cost.