Xbox 720: More Rumors Hit the Web – Xbox TV, Backwards Compatibility, Always-Online Drama

I wish for Microsoft to unveil their new Xbox as soon as possible so I don’t have to begin every Xbox 720 rumor with ‘according to an anonymous source‘. However, as things stand – according to an anonymous source who claims to have inside knowledge of Microsoft plans, the new Xbox is not going to require an always-online Internet connection to run. The feature was never on Microsoft’s plate to begin with.

“You are not required to be connected to the Internet in order to play Durango games and MS were NEVER considering doing such a thing. Now please, just read that last sentence over and over again until it sinks in. Done? Good,” writes the source.

With that aside the source turned to give out some more juicy details. Most of the rumors floating around Kinect 2.0 are true. The new motion control device will indeed have a wider arc and will be able to register more users with better accuracy.

Unlike Sony, Microsoft is sticking to their current controller. According to the source, Microsoft has only improved the D-pad, and that too can only be noticed “when actually using it.” Additionally “the new wireless tech MS has created for the controller, improves battery life by 16%.”

Xbox TV is happening and its main purpose is to compete with Apple TV. The source estimates its cost to be around $100. Gamers can play XBLA or Games on Demand titles, but the main purpose of the device is for streaming media.

Finally, the source confirms that the new Xbox will ship with a Xbox 360 (System on chip); giving it backwards-compatibility. This specific feature has been kept very hush-hush and “also increases Durango’s processing power a fair amount.”

And that’s the latest does of Microsoft rumors for you. As always, nothing is official and take it all with a dash of salt.