How Cool Monster Hunter Online is? This Trailer Will Show You!

We already knew from the tech demo way back in January that the CryEngine 3 really has some steam, but if you were even a little on the fence about it, this should make you topple over squarely into the CryCamp. Check out this brand new trailer from Tencent Games and Capcom for the promotion of Monster Hunter Online, which will be released exclusively in China.

The game puts the Engine through its paces, and showcases the fun gameplay that fans of Monster Hunter are used to from the franchise. Take special note of the much improved graphical fidelity, especially with the particle effects like the flames. There’s also some unique kind of dynamic environmental interaction that’s never been seen before.

Unfortunately, right now Capcom and Tencent will only be bringing the title to the Chinese market, which is known for its robust free-to-play MMO scene. The only way people from outside of the country can partake in the new MMO is either by moving to China or by getting a VPN and registering for the game over on Tencent’s website.

So folks, a Monster Hunter MMO. It was bound to happen, and it looks like it’ll soon be here. I’m actually pretty excited for this one since the Monster Hunter series is known to encourage the player to focus on exploration, something I’ve seen plenty of other MMO games try and fail to do.

You can learn more about Monster Hunter Online by paying a visit to the game’s official website and signing up to participate in the beta.