Android Might Be Getting Its Own Gaming Service

A close dissection of the Google Glass app has indicated the possibility of an Android service similar to that of iOS’s Game Center.

Android Police tore down the Google Glass APK file and found that for some odd reason Google shipped the full suite of the Google Play Service within the app, which not only contains the regular essentials such as Wallet, Play Store, Google+ etc, but also a tiny hidden folder that goes by the name of ‘Games’.

The folks at Android Police believe that though this folder comes under the ‘MyGlass’ category, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Google Glass itself, since the it cannot handle complex apps such as games. Thus, Google might’ve ‘accidentally’ shipped everything within the APK without excluding the unrequired folders.

Further exploration of the Games folder revealed various features that include Real Time Multiplayer, Turn-Based Multiplayer, In Game Chat options, Achievements system, Invitations, Lobbies, and more, giving out the impression of a full-fledged official multiplayer gaming service for the first time on the Android OS.

The Real-Time Multiplayer options would include games like first-person shooters, racing, fighting, etc. allowing for co-op play and also competitive multiplayer play.

This would obviously open up opportunities for developers. In addition to the conventional genres, board games and other strategic titles are already earning a bit of fame in the mobile sector of gaming, and could be further boosted with a formal setup that would facilitate multiplayer turn-based play.

The auxiliary services such as Leaderboards, Achievements, Invitation Options, Chat options, and lobbies also adds to the dynamism and flexibility of this system – attributes observed in the primary major gaming platforms.

Simply put, Google seems to be in the mood of taking on multiplayer gaming in a big way. Mobile gaming is progressing fast already; we’re already seeing many casual and competitive gamers taking interest in the fast-paced and efficient aspect of this ever-evolving platform.

What’s more to admire is how refined all this data looks – it seems as if though it’s almost finished, which could mean a sooner-than-expected official reveal.

So, is it a confirmed new service to cheer about? I wouldn’t call it exactly that, but it would be very, very surprising if this turns out to be anything other than what it seems, since the data appears to be very authentic, and the source is also a reliable one.