Team Bondi Might be Shutting Down

If you liked L.A Noir, then I’ve unfortunately got some sad news for you. It seems that the team that was working on the upcoming ‘Whore of the Orient’ video game has been let go, following the studio’s failure to find financial backing for the new title.

Whore of the Orient is not actually referring to any particularly loose women, but is actually an alternate name for Shanghai in 1936. Called the most corrupt and decadent city on the planet, the (now possibly cancelled) Team Bondi game was supposed to follow the efforts of a few good men called the International Police Force that are desperately trying to keep the peace.

Brendan McNamara’s Whore of the Orient IP has been acquired by Kennedy Miler Mitchell co-founder and Mad Max-creator George Miller. Similarly, a great number of Team Bondi staff have also been snatched up by KMM.

It’s possible that the Whore of the Orient is not dead, but rather has been frozen until financial backing can be secured. We can only hope.

Source: Neogaf