SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Hammer Station Flashpoint Guide

Rise of the Hutt Cartel brings multiple additions to SWTOR, including some new flashpoints. Now, we all know that these flashpoints are similar to dungeons in most MMOs. Why people do them? Of course, the loot that can be collected after completing any flashpoint is the primary reason.

SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Hammer Station Flashpoint

Hammer Station is one such flashpoint where you will come across tough enemies testing your skills. Before moving onto the boss fights, let’s have a look on the loot you will be fighting for throughout the flashpoint.


  • Except the bonus boss, you will get 2 Elite Commendations on defeating each boss.
  • The Bonus boss will get you Exotic Element Equalizer which can be used in crafting.
  • Killing these bosses will also get you a random black market piece and Black market Legs or Ears.

DN-314 Tunneler Boss Fight

Tanks should watchout the laser as it debuffs them dealing massive damage after that. The debuff should be cleanses as soon as possible. The laser debuff can stack up to 10 times. So sooner you get rid of it, the better it is.

After Tunneler’s 1/3rd health is down, it will spawn droids. Killing them can work if you have plenty of DPS to sustain, but it’s better that you dodge their attacks and focus the damage on the boss. They perish automatically after some time. Make sure that you don’t get caught in the red circles.

Vorgan the Volcano Boss Fight

Vorgan will spawn Sawbones. You should focus them first before shifting towards 2R-CH. Deal the minions first and then shift your focus towards Vorgan. Tanks can make sure that his attacks don’t reach the DPS, and if you keep the killing sequence in mind, the boss won’t be a big problem for you. Furthermore, the shield produced by Vorgan absorbs damage.

When the shield is activated, don’t waste DPS on it and deal with the enemies who don’t have any shield.

Battlelord Kreshan Boss Fight

He has diversified moves so everyone should stick to their roles. His sweeping gunfire ability damages opponents standing in front of him in a cone. Depending on the execution of attack, it’s recommended that a safe distance is maintained both from the party members and the boss himself. The reinforcements summoned by him can be damaging for the healer and DPS, so they should be dealt as soon as possible.

While dealing with its Powerful Knock backs, Tanks should try to have some solid surface behind their back to reduce the damage. Last but not the least, the blue circles that ultimately turn red should be avoided to minimize the damage. They are dangerous enough to deal 8k damage if someone gets trapped.

Asteroid Beast – Bonus Boss Fight

You will unlock this boss if your stage bonus gets to 3. The boss has special attack named rampage. It’s an AoE attack in which Asteroid strikes the ground and create a purple circle that deals damage along with stunning the enemies. Tank should absorb the damage while the ranged DPS should stay around 25m distance (out of the purple radius) and keep the damage on.

One problem here is that his aggro can drop, and he can come after rest of the group so splitting up may not be the best plan. If anyone else other than a tank can sustain through his AoE damage, he should stay with the tank so that the aggro doesn’t shift.