SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Cademimu Flashpoint Guide

If you are level 55 and want something that will reward you good, then Hardmode Cademimu Flashpoint is a good small adventure to attend. The flashpoint of course was introduced with the latest SWTOR expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Cademimu Flashpoint

You may want to go in with any gear, but Dread Guard gear is recommended for this flashpoint. Now, let’s check out the loot you will be ravishing while fighting your way across different bosses.

Loot Drops

  • All the main bosses will drop off the Elite Commendations.
  • The bonus boss and the final boss will get you Exotic Element equalizer which can be used in crafting.
  • Other bonus items include random Black market pieces including Black Market Helm or Black Market Implant.

Following are the main bosses you will come across during the flashpoint:

Officer Xander and EN-4C Boss Fight

It’s recommended that you take EN-4C out first before killing officer Xander. Why you ask? If officer Xander goes down first, EN-4C will be furious and deal 200 extra damage. As far as EN-4C is concerned, you can’t damage it unless it’s trapped.

You can trap it by making it walk on the orange circles on the ground. Its sticky grenades are impossible to dodge. So whoever is being targeted, the healers should take care of him as it deals massive 12k damage.

Captain Grimyk Boss Fight

Captain Grimyk’s minions will keep on spawning after different intervals so try to get rid of him fast if you don’t want many minions to spawn. Watch out for its conal flamethrower attack and move away from it unless you are tanking the subject.

Separatist Sith – Bonus Boss Fight

Like all other Hardmode Flash points, it can be activated if you reach the stage three bonus of the additional part of the flashpoint. The Force Storm is the primary attack of Separatist. It will pull you towards itself while dealing AoE damage.

You need to move away as fast as you can to reduce the damage to a minimum. The long rangers like snipers should stay away from its attack range and do the damage from distance. And if you have spells against CC, use them whenever the boss activates its Force Storm.

General Ortol Boss Fight

General Ortol has two primary attacks; Magnetic Shackle and Rocket Launch. Magnetic Shackle will bury a random player to ground. The shackle should be broken by other party members by running through it. The faster its broke, the better it’s as the Rocket Launch attack is usually next.

To dodge the Rocket Launch attack, look for the patches on the ground where no white smoke is being leaked. The area around these patch is usually while the rest (with whit smoke around) is going to be turned into flames after the Rocket Launch attack is activated. So always stay alert and also watch out for the other party members if they are being stuck by the shackle.