SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Athiss Flashpoint Guide

Like other Hardmode Flashpoints, Athiss is also full of challenges and ready to test your skills. The flashpoint ofcourse has been included in 2.0 with the new expansion in SWTOR.

Generally, it’s a level 55 adventure with dread guard gear recommended, but if you think, you are skilled enough, you may get away even if you are under level. Anyway, the Athiss flashpoint has also some loot items that will compel you to complete it.

SWTOR ROTHC Hardmode Athiss Flashpoint

The dropped loot in this Flashpoint is as follows:

Loot Drops

  • Just like many other hardmode flashpoints, killing the main bosses will get you Elite commendations.
  • The bonus bosses will get you Exotic Element Equalizer which you can use in crafting.
  • The final boss of the flashpoint will drop a black market piece for you in addition to the Equalizer.
  • Other loot items include random Black market pieces like Black Market Chest or Belt.

Let’s move onto the bosses you will come across in the flashpoint:

Professor Ley’arsha Boss Fight

If you manage to stay away from its conal auto attacks and purple circles, the boss is fairly easy to kill. The minions spawned by the boss are also easy to take care of. Tanks should watch out of the purple circle as it will follow them or the allies, and if it disappears while you were on it, the scorched area underneath can give you serious trouble.

The Beast of Vodal Kressh Boss Fight

The boss has nasty knockbacks which should be dealt tactically by the tanks. The best way is to stand by a wall behind or any sold object so that the damage is minimum. The minors (Alchemical Tuk’ata) spawned by the boss should be dealt immediately if you want the healers to stay safe. AoE heals in the boss fight are crucial to counter intimidating roar of this boss.

Ancient Abomination – Bonus Boss Fight

You can activate this boss fight if you mange to get to stage 3 by doing the stage bonus. Defeating this boss however, is not difficult. All you need is proper positioning such that a solid object or a wall is behind you. This will encounter its main attacks (powerful knockbacks).

Prophet of Vodal Boss Fight

The Crushing Affliction attack of this boss is nuisance. You can cleanse it to reduce the damage but there is not way to get away from it’s AoE damage. The best way to deal with it is to spread out so that focus is dispersed resulting in minimum damage.

The Stealth attack of this boss will happen after every 25% health. During this attack, he will disappear leaving four orbs behind. These orbs will specifically follow the allies having orange debuff. So if you are orange (debuff i mean), dodge their attacks until they are dealt with.

Vodal will also spawn purple circles on tanks, which should be avoided to reduce damage dealt.