SWTOR ROTHC Golden Fury Makeb Operation Boss Guide

Golden Fury is a new operation (also known as the world boss) boss introduced to SWTOR with Rise of the Hutt Cartel. There are separate lockouts for story mode and other difficulties (hard/nightmare). The boss has a weekly lockout and resets on Tuesday morning. You can find hin Toborro’s courtyard in the Archon’s Estate.

As far as the rewards for killing this monster are concerned, you will be getting 6 Ultimate Commendations and 12 elite commendations. The dropped loot can vary as the item drops are being changed slightly on the regular basis. You can also expect to acquire some top-notch gear as rewards.

Let’s first discuss the sotrymode and then we will shift to Hard/Nightmare modes to kill the Golden Fury.

SWTOR ROTHC Golden Fury Makeb Operation

Phase #1

You will be dealing with 2.3 million of health, but after you take down the beast, the rewards of course will compensate well of your spent time. To kill the golden fury, 8m or 16m composition is recommended with two tanks in the composition. One of the tanks will keep the boss busy while the other one can deal with minions spawned.

If you want your DPS to damage both the boss and the minions, the tanks should try to keep him sideways due to its frontal attack. This way, the DPS standing in the middle of the area will be able to damage both the boss, and the spawns quite effectively.

The Isotope release attack will primarily focus tanks. Whenever a blue circle has been dispatched on a tank, healers should make sure that their tanks’ health is full as the circle deals a lot of damage.

The Setallite strike will target a random group member. It deals 3. 6K damage per tick (there are three) and can’t be avoided. So, if someone has been targeted, healers should try to attend to them to keep them alive.

Massive Lasers as the name suggest is a deadly attack. However, you can escape it easily as ringing bells are the symbol of its onset. The attacks take almost 8 seconds to charge so you will have sufficient time to get away from the line of sight.

Two Droids will also spawn right after the laser attack. They will spawn on the same location everytime so the tank can get them right away while DPS deal the damage from distance. Healers can switch in between to keep the sustain up.

Phase #2

The second phase of the fight will start at 19%. The radiation leak will begin giving the boss a buff increasing its damage. It also deals AoE damage periodically. To minimize the damage, you need to destroy the Isotope-5 containers on the both sides. Destroying these containers will provide you a buff that will last for 90 seconds reducing the radiation damage by 50%. The containers will respawn after 160 seconds.

Golden Fury Makeb Hardmode Boss Fight

Well, story mode was easy right? If you are considering defeating the boss in hardmode, you better have quality gear even better than Dread guard. Following are the general tidbits about the boss in hardmode:

Boss’ health will be 4 million this time. The group composition can be the same as you used in story mode. As loot, you will be getting udnerworld helm, isotope-5, exotic element stabilizer, Pleasure Speeder Subspace Music Transceiver, Ultimate and Elite commendations.

In hardmode, the Isotope-5 containers should be damaged before the fight (not destroyed) so that tanks can grab the buff from them immediately during the fight reducing the damage. Laser charge will get you more troubles. It’s the buff that Fury gets after each laser attack reducing the charge time of the laser each it’s cast. In the beginning, the timer will be 6 seconds while as you approach the end of the fight, it will be restricted to two seconds.

The Security Droid minions will have Isotope-5 laser attack. This will debuff the tanks if not interrupted. The charge time for this laser is 3 seconds so when these droids spawn, a DPS and a tank should attend to them immediately.

The radiation leak of the boss will also be enhanced in hard mode. Upon its onset at 20%, everyone should attack the boss with their full will. If it enrages, it will one-shot the party members so this will be a do-or-die situation and the final test to defeat the Golden Fury.