Poker Night 2 Producer Introduces ‘Celebrity’ Characters, featuring Brock Samson and GLaDOS

Over at the European PlayStation Blog, Adam Sarasohn, producer of Telltale Games, discusses Telltale’s latest, Poker Night 2. For its first PlayStation entry in Poker, Telltale wrangled what Sarasohn considers “some of the best characters from film, television and video games” for classic matches of Hold ‘Em and Omaha. Sarasohn uses the blog to hype up and present the familiar characters you’ll be able to play as and against.

The first one introduced is none other than Brock Samson of The Venture Brothers fame.

“This guy just oozes cool,” said Sarasohn. “But be careful about stealing chips away from his stack, because he has a license to kill, and he’s not afraid to use it. He literally plays his cards close to his chest, so it’ll be tough to bluff him out of pot, but let him win a couple of hands, and his overconfidence could be his downfall.”

Next is claptrap from Borderlands. “He may seem innocent and naïve to the world, but he’s secretly a very skilled poker player, and he’ll take your money if you give him the chance.” Unlocking all the Borderlands content yields a complete “Moxxxi’s treatment,” Borderlands 2 music and all. “Claptrap may even dress up for the occasion,” he said.

Then there’s Army of Darkness’ own Ash Williams, who Sarasohn said had to be pulled away from slaying Deadites to get his hands dirty with some good ol’ fashioned poker instead.

“He won’t go anywhere without his trusty boomstick and chainsaw, and luckily, his prosthetic hand is working well enough (more or less) to handle the chips and the occasional drink. Purchase the Army of Darkness poker chips, deck, felt and step into a world of your worst nightmares… or that just might be a fog machine adding to the atmosphere.”

Last up is Sam of the Sam and Max franchise; who, according to Sarasohn, is simply following in Max’s footsteps from the first Poker Night tournament. “While Sam seems to be the calmer of the two, he’s not averse to waving around his enormous revolver to get a reaction, or a totally inappropriately sized bet.” Unlocking Sam’s in-game items gives the game’s inventory a noir styled makeover.

Then there’s the inventory dealer. You may know it from Portal — that’s right, the monotone, psychopathic robot GLaDOS.

“[GLaDOS] knows how she was convinced to run the tournament, but she’s certainly making the most of it by insulting our players at every possible opportunity. When she’s not shrugging off Claptrap’s advances (and who knows if she can keep that up forever), GLaDOS is known for her incisive commentary and her strong tendencies towards murder.”

Unlocking her items yields a new inventory in the vein of a Portal test chamber.

Capping the blog off, Sarasohn briefly dives into how starting a second tournament unlocks the first set of Bounty Challenges. Completion of all three challenges puts a bounty item up for grabs, which could be the Orb from Venture Bros, Claptrap’s Spike TV award, Ash’s Necronomicon or Sam’s banjo.

Poker Night 2 is coming soon to the PlayStation Network for €9.99, where you’ll be able to experience the story lines and interactions of these random assortment of characters play out.

Via: PlayStation Blog