Leviathan Warships – Ship Just Got Real Trailer

Tactical turn naval based strategy game is not probably the most marketable product out there. Sadly, in this age of FPS and big-budget action-adventure games no one seems to be interested in RTS games anymore. However, kudos to Paradox Interactive for creating the best trailer for their game, Leviathan Warships, I have seen in a long while.

Narrated by a voice so smooth that would make any lady drop her guard; the trailer introduces us to the various gameplay mechanics of the game. The game features a co-op campaign mode which can have up to three other players. Moreover, the game supports cloud saving. This means you can continue your game from someone else’s computer.

The multiplayer of the game has fourteen different maps, so there is plenty of variety there too. You can have up to three other players with you in the multiplayer skirmishes of the game as well.

You can also save replays of your battles to view at a later time and figure out where you went wrong or just boast to your friends about your unmatched skills in captaining boats.

Furthermore, you can customize your boats. You can augment its defense capabilities by adding armor to it or go full-on offensive with laser cannons. Lastly, the game has cross platform play. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC and your friend’s got iOS tablet, you all get to play together.

And it has birds too!!!

Leviathan Warships will be available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android on April 30th. ‘Baby this boat is going with it whether you are on it or not’.