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Hawken Technician Update Detailed

The much-anticipated Hawken Technician update will be going live in a few hours now, and it brings a whole host of new things to the table.

The new map that will be in the update is called Frontlin, and it is a re-skinned version of the alpha map Valkyrie. It is large-scale and supports all modes.

The main thing about the Technician update however, is the Technician itself. According to the patch notes, the mech is a ‘Tandem support vehicle, specialized in focused ad hoc repair.’

The Technician is basically the medic of the mechs, as it has a weapon/tool called the Helix Repair Torch. The repair torch has two settings; it can either reconstruct allies, or deconstruct enemies. Both actions repair the technician himself.

The Technicial also has two other weapons, called the Redox-02 and the Hawkins ‘Ripper’ RPR. The Redox is a quick firing projectile weapon while the ripper is a rapid fire, sawed-off twin cannon.

There are also several balance changes, which affect many of the currently existing weapons and abilities in the game. There is a new item that will be available called ‘the blockade’. It basically creates a small barrier through which nothing can pass.

Finally, there are a slew of bug fixes and quality of life improvements that are too numerous to list. You can check out the entirety of the patch notes here.