DUST 514 Creative Director Talks About Revamped Skill System for Uprising Build

A recent PlayStation Blog update written by Atli Már Sveinsson, CCP Praetorian’s Creative Director, clears the air regarding a new skill system that may’ve troubled DUST 514 beta players.

Sveinsson emphasizes CCP’s newfound understanding of how its beta players have put the skill system to use, taking into account feedback it has received. While improving the progression tree for its new Uprising build (May 6), Sveinsson acknowledges that mapping new skills, bonuses and requirements to players’ existing items created unnecessary technical confusion, and was simply “unfair” to players.

Sveinsson states, “You may have committed to a certain play style, and with an overhauled layout and collection of skills, you may find yourself regretting some of your prior choices.”

“We have thus decided that it is far better to re-spec not only the skills but items as well. In short, you will get your skill points (SP) back and the ISK and AUR (in-game currencies) value of any item that is removed from your inventory.”

Sveinsson and his team accomplish this by removing secondary and tertiary requirements from all skills, meaning skills with multiple parent skills won’t need multiple prerequisite skills.

Other improvements to DUST 514’s skill progression include a node-based view of the skill tree, allowing simultaneous upgrades to multiple levels.

The improvements will take effect when Uprising releases on May 6, reimbursing players for skill points they earned and used previously so that they can be redistributed under the new system.

Sveinsson promises more details on specific changes, info on the new tech tree and a list of in-game items will come in a future developer blog.

CCP Game’s DUST 514 is a first-person shooter with strategic elements set in the universe of EVE. It mixes ground combat in the vein of Halo or Call of Duty with strategic planning and real time configurations of weapons and vehicles. The battleground planets are shared with EVE, and are the same planets that pilots traversing through outer space in EVE see. CCP intends the two games to form a “true virtual reality” and “complete science fiction experience.”