Battlefield 4 Battlelog 2.0 Sneak Peak

Battlefield veterans surely are familiar with the game’s Battlelog system. Aspiring Battlefield 4 newbies should know that Battlelog is a social stat-tracking service which powered most of Battlefield 3’s multiplayer services.

Today, the official Battlelog twitter account gave us a little sneak peak of what the Battlelog would look like in Battlefield 4. From the picture we really can’t tell if any massive changes have been made to the Battlelog. However, there was one big revelation present in the picture for the sharp eye to observe.

To the left side of the soldier’s picture, we see the partial logo of Battlefield 3. This means that the new Battlelog service will be implemented on both games; BF3 and BF4. It is a possibility that we may see Battlelog 2.0 in action on BF3 before Battlefield 4 even releases.

Furthermore, they announced that Battlelog 2.0 app is in development for android devices. Sadly, they also confirmed that there were no plans of developing such an app for Windows phone or Blackberry 10. However, if your phone has a great web browser then this website will suffice;

Before that the official Battlelog twitter account was kind enough to answer some FAQs to answer some common question gamers may have shared:

FAQ #1 – Yes, we are working on an Android version of the Battlelog mobile app.
FAQ #2 – No, we don’t like the 100 friends limit any more than you do, and we’re working with Origin to expand it.
FAQ #3 – Yes, we are working on more extensive privacy options.
FAQ #4 – Yes, we’re working on storing the server browser filter so it doesn’t get reset.

Currently, Battlefield 4 is scheduled to release on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. No doubt, we will see the game on next generation consoles too. Beta-testing phase of the game will start sometime in the summers.