USS Enterprise-D Recreated In Minecraft

Minecraft over the years has brought us some truly awesome display fan devotion and talent. We have seen entire game cities reincarnated in Minecraft, perfect to the minutest of detail.

If nowadays a Minecraft piece comes into the media spot light then it must be truly outrageous because we have seen nearly everything there is to see. That is what exactly Minecraft player or should I say creator Zinnsee has brought to the fray.

Zinnsee using Mojang’s tools has designed the USS Enterprise-D to absolute perfection. Of course, the ship looks beautiful from the outside, but it is the inside that holds our interest.

The entire iconic interior of the ship that was featured heavily on Star Trek: Next Generation is present within the ship. The most impressive thing about this ship is that it was created in survival mode of the game. This means that the ship was vulnerable to attacks from creepers and other players. I can’t imagine the patience required to build such a thing of beauty. It takes a real trekkie to go through all that.

No doubt this will add to the already insane amount of hype surrounding the Star Trek: Into the Darkness movie releasing next month, on May 15th. You can see the whole pictures of the space ship here.