Pikmin 3 Release Date Officially Announced

Today Nintendo sneakily leaked the release date of their newest Pikmin game coming to Wii U at some point this year, hiding it behind the Nintendo Direct excitement.

Whilst we were all busy oohing and ahhing at all the delightful Nintendo 3DS news that came from the earlier Nintendo Direct webcast, Nintendo were stealthily announcing when Pikmin 3 would be releasing.

It turns out that it’s going to be available on Wii U as of August 4, 2013! That’s a lot sooner than a few people imagined it would be, but later than some others would have preferred. There’s no pleasing everyone though, and the August release date is much appreciated by the avid fanbase behind the Pikmin games.

Despite not using their Nintendo Direct webcast as a platform to announce this release date, Nintendo did opt to reveal some Pikmin 3 related news at their short web cast by revealing a new variety of Pikmin that we’ll get to play with when the game launches in August. The new species of micro-plant-animal-thing is bright pink and a lot smaller than it’s rainbow coloured cousins but makes up for it’s smaller stature with it’s unique ability to fly.

This new “Winged Pikmin” will follow around the player character in the air, and will carry items aerially. It’s expected to be very, very useful for getting items around in a quick and timely manner. It’s also absolutely adorable.


With the Rock Pikmin and the Winged Pikmin, we now have at least seven different types of creature to order around as we loot the planet, and fans have spotted another potential Pikmin species from an early screenshot that might add yet another level of fun to the gameplay.

Nintendo hasn’t officially announced or revealed if there will be an eighth species of these mysterious little creatures, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed that they will do at some point soon.

Considering that Pikmin 3 was announced nearly a year ago, the lack of news has been a bit disheartening. Today has brightened our spirits though. The August release date means that Nintendo can really get their audience hyped up for Pikmin 3 by showing it off a bit more a the coming E3.

Unfortunately there’s no other news on Pikmin 3 at the moment, but I know I can’t wait until August 4th!