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Nintendo Direct Broadcast: Trailer Roundup

The latest Nintendo Direct Broadcast held a lot of announcements, most of which came coupled with trailers. We went ahead and dissected the Nintendo stream to include all of those trailers here for you to go through.


Shigesato Itoi’s classic SNES role-playing game EarthBound will be released on the Wii U Virtual Console later this year.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 3DS

It can’t get any bigger than this. A sequel to one of the best games ever, A Link to the Past 2, will be released later this year exclusively for the 3DS. [Read More]

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Some new information was shared for the upcoming Dream Team title on the 3DS.

Mario Party 3DS

A new Mario Party is headed for the 3DS. The title will feature a “total of seven game boards, each with their own set of rules.” [Read More]

Mario Golf: World Tour

A new gameplay trailer showcased some new online functionality for the new Mario Golf title.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A second trailer for the life simulator, Animal Crossing: New Leaf reveals some new information. The title is due for release in early June.

Game & Wario

A teaser trailer for Game & Warrio showcased the game’s pretty cool features utilizing the Wii U’s Gamepad.

Wii U Virtual Console

The trailer features some upcoming classic hits for the Wii U’s Virtual Console.