Guns of Icarus Online Rocks Another Successful Kickstarter

Thanks to their third funded Kickstarter campaign, Muse Games are now planning to add a few new large features to their dieselpunk multiplayer shooter, Guns of Icarus Online.

What’s even better than that is that there’s still a whopping 33 days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign despite its original goal of $100k! This was originally intended for the developers to add in a new Adventure Mode to the game, but with the backers having funded the project so quickly, they’re now offering all kinds of stretch goals and rewards for people who want to continue to invest in the future of this indie gem.

Guns of Icarus Online was originally funded by Kickstarter, with just an original goal of $10,000 they could fund the creation of their game, but they were donated an astounding $35,000 total! This latest campaign has already tripled that, so hopefully they’ll receive just as positive a reaction with the stretch goals they’ve got planned.

Muse Games also stand as the only current successful Kickstarter to be funded, released and come through on all of their promises. With that in mind, it’s a safe investment to donate just a bit of money towards the larger goal here.

The new Adventure Mode that they want to add is pretty cool. It’s a large scale Player vs Environment combat with progression for both the player and their ship as well as even more co-op action added in.

It will be a persistent online world in the post-apocalyptic dieselpunk flavour that we’ve come to know and enjoy. The skirmish mode that’s already part of the game is a lot of fun and that’s all about the battles that take place.

Adventure mode changes things up a bit though and makes things all about the mission at hand, giving players something to strive for other than victory.

They’ve split Adventure Mode into four ‘pillars’, each one representing a goal in this Kickstarter campaign. The Airship Combat that is already part of the game is one of the pillars, and the AI Director makes another.

With the successful funding behind this Kickstarter, they’ve already got all the funds they need to launch Adventure Mode with at least these two pillars. The other two pillars though are the stretch goals that we’re looking at. The first of these extra two pillars is the Econo-Political system and that’s followed by the final pillar which is World-Building Tools.

The new AI Director will allow Muse Games to get full PvE and Co-op functionality on the go, and they can also utilise these assets to expand on Skirmish mode by adding similar functions to the already successful part of Guns of Icarus Online.

The Econo-Political System will allow player factions that will help dictate just how everything works in the world. The six player-run factions will have control of trade routes, crew hiring and access to missions and towns that will grow and evolve just as the factions do.

The final pillar, World-Building Tools is exactly what it says on the tin. The world of Guns of Icarus Online is absolutely gigantic, and they need a bit of extra help in getting everything together so that they can actually create what they’re visualizing. It’s a massive project, so of course it needs just a bit of extra backing.

Check out more of just what Muse Games have planned on their official Kickstarter page. There’s still plenty of time to get involved and tons of rewards to reap.