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EA Responds To Commander Mode in Battlefield 4

Recently Gamestop released some promotional material for EA and DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 which seemed to indicate the return of Commander mode.

In an interview with Gamezone, an EA representative responded by claiming that “These documents are not official Battlefield 4 marketing materials”

A coy answer that is neither here nor there. The absence of outright denial or confirmation opens up the route for speculation. Which is probably what EA is looking for as the representative closed the interview with “We appreciate fan enthusiasm, especially fans throughout the retail channel”

The commander mode was last seen in Battlefield 2142, which allowed one player from each team to take control as commander of the team and direct their teammates through the battle via a top-down view.

While it was a popular enough mode in the past games like 2142 and Battlefield 2, the Commander mode failed to make an appearance in the recent Battlefield 3. So the rumors of its inclusion in the next iteration of Battlefield franchise left fans hopeful for its return.

Battlefield 4 is slatted for a release later this year and is confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.