ARMA 3 Not Coming to the PS4

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, Joris-Jan Van’t Land from Bohemia Interactive talked a little bit about their plans for the next instalment in their ARMA series. What surprised some people was Bohemia’s decision to not bring their already gorgeous looking game to next generation consoles where it would presumably benefit from the great technology.

ARMA 3 is a PC-exclusive game and we have no other plans. As a developer we are always excited to see new platforms and their capabilities. Sony appears to have taken an interesting turn for us as independent developer.

Well, that’s simultaneously bad news and expected news. Developers have quite often turned to the PC as their platform of choice for making games with intense graphics, and the ARMA series is a great example of those kinds of games.

Without the support of a stable system such as a console though, will ARMA 3 run as well as it could across everybody’s gaming PCs? Joris-Jan had a response for that.

Optimization is never a single, nor a finished task. We are constantly work in this field and will keep doing so with new hardware and updated drivers. It’s hard to ultimately say whether or not ARMA 3 in its Alpha state is already ‘optimized’. A large number of users have reported it running better than ARMA 2 on the same systems, while others face issues on their setups. There is also the fact that some optimization has to wait for later stages of development – when the code and data don’t change as frequently. One thing is certain: we do not believe we are ever done optimizing and work on it always.

Considering games like SOCOM has failed on PS3 in recent memory, it is wise decision by the developer of the size of Bohemia Interactive. What do you think?