Rockstar Releases GTA 5 Cash and Carry Artwork

Happy day folks! It seems that Rockstar has seen fit to reward the patience of their subjects fans by letting us have two new artworks for the game featuring Grand Theft Auto V protagonists Michael and Franklin.

The first image shows us a shot of Michael on a jet ski and a backpack (full of money?) on his back. In the background, we can see a pier and an amusement park. Franklin is in a similar situation, racing away on a dirt bike with a duffel bag (again, full of money?).

He’s holding a Uzi and glancing behind him, so he’s probably being pursued. Considering that there is a police helicopter in the background it’s safe to say he’s running from the cops.

Both scenes were previously spotted on the recently-revealed GTA 5 box art, but this is the first time they’ve been made available as individual, high-resolution images.

You can download them now and put them up as your wallpaper. Go here to select the image that fits your desktop’s resolution.

The Grand Theft Auto V release date is set for September 17. For one more day only (until April 16), Microsoft is offering 1600 MS Points free to gamers who pre-order the game for Xbox 360 via the Microsoft Store website.