Soul Sacrifice: Demo to Release Later today, Will Include Entire First Chapter

The entire first chapter of Soul Sacrifice is going to be available today on the PlayStation Store in the form of a playable demo, producer Kumi Yuasa revealed on PlayStation Blog.

Additionally, your save files from the demo will transfer over when the final game releases later this month. Doing so will earn you an exclusive item called “Spirits’ Heart,” which allows you to summon a stone golem to dish out some serious pain.

According to Yuasa’s post, the demo is quite a lengthy one and will take some time to get through. He explained that Keiji Inafune, the creator, wanted the demo to be long so that players could experience “the full potential of the game.” What better way to do that than to provide the whole first chapter.

You will also be able to play the demo with up to three other friends via “online or ad-hoc multiplayer.”

Soul Sacrifice releases on the PlayStation Vita worldwide on April 30.