NHL 14 Trailer Revealed – What’s New?

EA is somewhat famous for making the occasional sports game. Okay so that’s like 50% of all they do. Still, they usually manage to add something new to each yearly iteration of a franchise, whether it’s Football, Basketball, Baseball, or in this case, Ice Hockey. Yes that’s right folks, there is a NHL 14 trailer in town, and the game to go with it has some interesting new tricks to show you.

OF course, don’t go expect really huge changes to the game, since EA is probably saving the real surprises for the next-generation of console games, but that’s not to say that NHL 14 brings nothing new to the table.

The first, and most important improvement over the old is the physics collision engine. EA will be using the FIFA player impact engine as the base for NHL 14’s collision system. In a sport such as Ice Hockey, which is all about the cross checks and slamming someone across the ring (then fisticuffs!) it’s pretty easy to understand that a good physics collision system is a pretty vital aspect of the game.

We’ll also be seeing a new Enforcer Engine, which is set to upgrade all those infamous ice ring brawls that break out at least twice a game. NHL 14‘s Enforcer Engine is powered by the same technology as EA Sports’ Fight Night franchise, which does fights and nothing else.

Here are some other features of NHL 14:

  • 1,000 new skating animations introduced alongside the second year of the True Performance Skating feature. Explosive first strides, acceleration, quicker pivots, and enhanced lateral skating improve player responsiveness and increase control.
  • A new, more responsive deking system that is controlled with the left stick and a single button. EA boasts the new system allows for quicker reactive dekes, which creates more moves than ever before.
  • Live the Life – a new version of the Be a Pro Career mode that lets gamers craft their player’s relationships inside and outside of the hockey rink.
  • General improvements to Hockey Ultimate Team and the Hockey League modes.

Lastly, you can head over here in order to participate in the vote for who should be the cover athlete for NHL 14.

NHL 14 launches September 10, 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.